Advantage of Investment Casting

Investment casting is one of the oldest techniques for metal forming and offers a variety of benefits over other casting processes. Using this process, we can manufacture such complicated shapes, which otherwise would be difficult or impossible with process such as die casting.

Following are some of the advantages of using investment casting :

  • Complicated and intricate shape/design of part can be easily cast
  • Offers mirror like surface finish
  • Offers complete design flexibility
  • Excellent metallurgical properties
  • Parts weight from few grams to 95 kgs can be easily cast
  • It is suitable for batch as well as mass production (25 Nos to 50,000 nos can be cast per lot)
  • Closer dimensional tolerance
  • Casting tolerance is + 0.2 per 25 mm
  • Unlimited choice of alloy
  • All types of ferrous and non ferrous alloy can be cast
  • Machining and fabrication may be avoided in single parts
  • Easily machined components